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Susan 5 months ago
My husband and I are both Dr's working at the same hospital I decided to spice up our sex life for out anniversary by hiring a stripper for us both. I hired this cute redhead looks just like this gal. She had a nice pussy I was eating her when hubby arrived home to note and rose pedals leading to room. he walked in shocked I said Happy Anniversary. He took shower in record time next thing i know he was fucking Tammy as I sat on her face. Best orgasm I had in a long time.
She is the hottest 3 months ago
Wow Never was so jealous on somebody like I’m on this guy. She is just perfect in every way.
cucky 3 months ago
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Lou 3 months ago
I like u baby. Can we just hang out and crush
Wow 1 week ago
She’s actually perfect
Anon 2 months ago
wow she's really talented
ggez 1 month ago
nice body ugly face chick :-(
4 months ago
Redhead beauty need to ride my dick.
Dam 5 months ago
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