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4 years ago
She sounds so annoying and you know its fake
Babygirl 4 years ago
Wish you could mute her annoying fake moaning. I was amazed how she looked so emotionless while letting out the loudest "OH MHM YEAH" ever lmao. Not entertaining in the slightest. I'd show that gorgeous dick a better time imo.
fake 4 years ago
fake feeling
4 years ago
Someone tell her to shut the fuck up. Omg how annoying she would be to fuck.
Majerus 4 years ago
So fake wtf
Fortnite gay 3 years ago
But not as gay as her acting
4 years ago
Shut up bitch....Stop the theatrics
4 years ago
Is her face atrophied? Where is emotions? She screams so loudly, but looks like a hundredth double, and she doesn't care
Lmao 3 years ago
She's hot as hell but emotionless as a corpse and so fucking annoying. Learn to act bitch.
donsdickwasinu 4 years ago
Ginger loves it when donsdickwasinu comes 4ever&ever!