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3 years ago
This girl, I don't know how to describe it. Other than the fact that she has perfect boobs und a very nice chubby white body. She has a look in her face that makes her irresistible. I hope she makes more videos
Bruh 2 years ago
She’s looking much better than back when she had braces
1 year ago
My god she is fucking perfect
M town 1 year ago
I think this girl is perfect for me. Huge tits nice ass and a lovely hairy pussy. Not to mention she’s a red head and that’s what I want most just looking at that red bush.
One thing I don’t understand is when I scroll through the comments and read that she’s ugly or she’s hairy but knowing damn well that the people who post negative stuff about her will do her in a heart beat!! You can’t say you won’t if she’s on her knees naked in front of you bout to give you head! So stop it
Rader 1 year ago
Holy smoke this woman is gonna take the industry
Mike 10 months ago
I respect a man who eats pussy. I love me a hairy Pussy I would eat her for days!
Munch 6 months ago
Perfect body, perfect bush, perfect woman.
Yes, the carpet doesn't match the drapes, but I'll get over it.
That pussy is good eating!
Ladies - this is what a pussy should look like. Put down the shavers and no-one gets hurt; everyone gets eaten out!!!
tpg 7 months ago
Almost perfect but the carpet doesn't match the curtains.
Mango 6 months ago
Oh she's a milf now? Come on lol
Twisted Mister 1 year ago
I would never do this. First off, how many guys has she fact, this red head was caught red handed getting porked by a toad,,, depressing but anytime I met a chick I would give her my 10 Point Bachelor Questionnaire to see if shes lieing and about what. Then I would turn her over an smell her butt to see what kind of information I could gather there and then and only then, if I'm satisfied I would do the taste test. I've walked out on a chick before if she was off..